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What formats can I export my database into?

You can export your database to .CSV format. Alternatively, you can also sync all your contacts to your phone book.  

What languages does k’nectary support?

We currently support English and will be supporting more languages in future. 

Please refer to FB’s Help Centre 

For Professional Accounts

What happens if I stop the service?

All your connection data belongs to you. You can either choose to; 
a) temporarily suspend your account upon deactivation and pick up where you left off in the future, or, (50 CONTACTS) 
b) request to be forgotten where your account will be permanently deleted within 90 days of unsubscribing. (CHANGE – bridget for clarity) 

Is there a minimum subscription period?

Yes for certain subscription plans. 

Can I share my database with another person?

Your database can be exported to Excel (.csv), which can be shared with other parties.