We believe workhacks make life easier

Our mission is to empower business drivers to make connections well. We do not believe that they should
spend soul-sucking hours in front of a PC organizing themselves when they should be out hustling and
generating the impact that they were called for.

Our Values

Identify the job to be done

Don't waste time

Do the job

Make things easier

Boom. Result.

Make things even easier with data

Our story

k’nectary was born out of frustration. Imagine collecting hundreds of business connections every few days with no scalable way to make sense of all these data affordably. Saving these business cards was tedious, inefficient and sometimes inaccurate. By the time we were done, our business leads had grown cold. Days after making contact, we struggled to remember who is more important and why. So, we decided to build a tool that we’d love. And now, we’re making it available to everyone. 

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